Nov 29, 2010

Here we go again

I've made numerous attempts at starting a blog, but they have all died - like that hamster you forgot to feed in kindergarten. In a funny way, blogs are like hamsters (or goldfish) in that you have to constantly keep an eye on it, feed it (with content), take care of it and do all you can to prevent it from dying.

So here I am with another "hamster" that I'm determined to keep alive for as long as I can. This blog - as the title suggests - will be mostly about cycling, but invariably it will touch on other adventures and aspects in my life. I take the sport of cycling very seriously, but in contrast, I don't take myself seriously at all. To me, being on the bike is about fun: competing is a lot of fun; training, while not always, can also be a lot of fun. So with all this fun, I'm always fascinated by how seriously some cyclists take themselves, as if purposely trying to suck all the fun out of this childhood activity turned into adult competition.

It's an odd time to start a blog about cycling, considering I'm technically in my off-season. I am dabbling in cyclocross as part of my "winter" cross-training, but the time on the bike has been greatly reduced to let my body recover and just do something different (I've been on the road bike pretty much non-stop since January). Nevertheless, with this blog I hope to not only share my cycling escapades, but do it in a way that conveys just how much fun I'm having doing it.


  1. So since you got me hooked on cycling and now its winter and the bike is just sitting there, Ballies is still closed after the flood.

    Chicago is still wicked cold to go out cycling without proper gear which I have not ventured out to acquire as it too seems to be a never ending expense.

    that said what trainer would you recommend as the pounds are slowly creeping back.

  2. A response to that question is worthy of a blog post in and of itself. Stay tuned, I'll have something up later tonight.

  3. But its not winter in Chicago yet! Donny, like any activity, proper gear can be had on sale and will be multifunctional. You can use it not just for biking, but any outdoor activity.