Dec 6, 2010

My relationship with cyclocross, a bag of goodies and a brief look ahead.

Well, another weekend of cyclocross racing came to a close, with the last of Bay Area Super Prestige races taking place on Sunday.  I have to say that after having done 5 races, I still feel completely out of my element. I definitely have the legs for these races, but the technical terrain slows me down way too much to be even remotely competitive. So I do the only thing I can do, I try to have as much fun as I can, then drink beer and eat something grilled. I also try to get as good of a workout as I can - working some leg muscles that aren’t as active in the smoothness of road biking. There is also something masochistically satisfying about waking up with a few bruises here and there in addition to leg soreness.  One more CX race on my schedule this season and that will end my love-hate weird feeling relationship with this sport for this season; however, I am determined at coming back next year with hopefully better set of technical prowess.
Yesterday, BASP decided to surprise us C racers with a raffle at the end of the race. We were supposed to put our number in a box paper bag and the drawing was to take place after the podium presentation, with 3 lucky racers from each C category (elite, masters, etc.) receiving a bag of goodies. I threw in my and Zach’s number, knowing that my chances of winning were next to nothing, since I almost never win raffles. However, yesterday, luck was on my side.
After our race, Zach and I went to grab some beers, catch up with friends around the course, and watch some racing action. The site for this race was Bay Side with the water only feet away from the course.  A few more races went by, and podiums for Cs were still not called. And they would not be called until the women’s A race was under way – a couple hours after the C race ended. By that time, many C racers have left the scene, probably in part due to the intermittent rain.  After the podiums for C and C 35+, was the drawing.
The first three numbers to be called went unclaimed, and more numbers were getting drawn. Obviously, had everyone who put a number in stayed on site, my chances of winning would have been as predicted, but sometimes sticking around pays off. With the last bag of goodies up for grabs, number 506 was pulled from the bag – my number. I was handed a rather heavy bag of stuff and as I began to rummage through it and started to realize that there was some very good stuff in there: a couple of tubes, a box of Cliff crunch bars, a couple t-shirts, a pair of bike sox, a pint glass, arm warmers, leg warmers, a cyclocross magazine, and most importantly, a gift certificate to Roaring Mouse Cycles  for custom moldable insoles for my bike shoes!
This last item comes at a very good time. Next year, I’m aiming for the California Triple Crown, which requires the completion of three double centuries. While I have very comfortable cycling shoes, after mile 100 or so, I tend to get some foot discomfort and a burning sensation, especially in hot temperatures. Hopefully this will make my feet more comfortable on the long-distance rides. I will have more on the Triple Crown as those rides get closer and will definitely be putting up a detailed review of my molding process.
I hate to end on a sad note, but rumor has it that this is the last year for BASP series, as the main sponsor is pulling out of hosting the event next year. I sincerely hope that another sponsor will step forward and continue this event. These races have been extremely well organized and very importantly, they are close to (my) home.  Given the fact that many of the categories have been completely full on race day, whoever takes over probably won’t be losing money. But this isn’t my sarcastic way of saying that the sponsor will become rich.

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