Dec 26, 2010

The week in cycling

Just because I'm skiing in Vail, doesn't mean that I have been completely out of touch with what has been happening in the world of cycling. This blog entry, however, will be rather brief because tapping out long posts on an iPad without a plethora of weird spelling errors is a challenge.

In case you are curious, the weather and skiing conditions in Vail are awesome and I'm rather enjoying having cycling legs to enjoy all this without completely trashing my quads. And now for our feature attraction.

When yout think if Richmond, Virginia, cycling is not the first thing that comes to mind, but that may all change. Richmod is putting its name in the mix as one of the cities to host the 2015 world road championships. Should Richmond actually win the bid, it may be the most amusing world championships to watch, as nearly every spectator is likely to be twice the size of the average cyclist in the peloton. Are grits a good source of carbs?

When I used to live in Chicago, my favorite ride was along the lake, where I regularly saw members of the XXX Racing team practice their time trial skills. Now, from California, I would like to congratulate the club on winning USA Cycling's award for club of the year.

Robbie McEwen has certainly had an exciting couple of weeks, and not always in the best sense of that word. First, as you saw in my entry from last week, Pegasus didn't get a pro license. Well, then Lance Armstrong tweeted something ambiguous that made me think Radioshack will sign McEwen. Sure enough, this world class sprinter will now be led out by the Radioshack squad. Now, what you probably haven't heard is that while all of this was going on, McEwen was actually busy saving lives. Best if luck to Robbie with the new squad and hopefully we'll see more of him on California roads.

Well, I did say this will be short. I'm out! New content will start appearing with the new year. Happy New Year to all!


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