Mar 18, 2011

Calling an audible

So last week after Merco I went out on Tuesday and popped eight repeats up McCullough at 330+ watts, feeling great all the way to the end.

This Tuesday, after Madera, I went to M2 due to foul weather in the morning and thought my legs were going to fall off. By the time the second set was done, I was happy to be in doors and not suffering up Hawk Hill – not that indoors was much easier. By the end of the workout, I was really in a lot of pain. I thought about it and decided to call this a rest week.

On my original schedule, this would have to have been another 200+ miler with next week being the rest week, but due to my previously set skiing plans this weekend, getting 200 miles in while showing up for work each day would be damn near impossible. No to mention, the weather sucks. I’m already mentally prepared to be soaked four days out of the week next week (all between a set of hill repeats, intervals, Mad Marchness and Bariani), but I don’t mind holding off on riding in the rain until Monday.

Seems like everything came together nicely, screaming for me to take it easy this week and I intend to do just that. After logging an hour and a half at M2 on Tuesday and rolling around the Headlands on Thursday, I’ll call this a week at 60 miles and about four hours on the bike. I am, however, very much looking forward to giving my quads a workout hitting the slopes this weekend. Hopefully the time off the bike will help my body rest up and my mind get motivated for rainy riding next week, brrrr. 

The good news that the rain brings is that it looks like I'm going to have some sweet powder to ski on this weekend. Pending Highway 80 staying open tonight. 

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