Mar 11, 2011

This morning in pictures

I figured you might be tired of my usually long posts and considering there is probably a fairly long race report coming your way Sunday evening or Monday, I'll end this week with something easy to digest. 

The Headlands have some of the most beautiful views this time of year, and considering I won't see them like this for another month or so due to the fast approaching Daylight Savings Time, and today's ride was meant to be a very easy roll to keep the legs loose for Madera this weekend, I kind of felt like stopping for pictures. No tsunami sightings, however.

Looking eastbound from the one way descent on Conzelman.
Looking toward the ocean from the one way descent on Conzelman.
Further down the same Conzelman descent.
Looking out to the lighthouse.
Looking out at the ocean over the green rolling hills.
Green hills. Enjoying them before they turn yellow.
Sun over Rodeo Beach and rolling hills.
Green rolling hills.
Rodeo Beach lagoon.
The beauty of still water.

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