May 5, 2011

Back to the business of racing bikes

April was a good month that presented the opportunity to do something on the bike that I enjoy and that’s not racing – loooong distance rides. With Mulholland Double and Devil Mountain Double behind me, however, it’s time to once again shift my focus to racing my bike. And what better way to get back in the deep end of the pool than at Berkeley Hills RR.

Technically, this will be the first hilly race for me to test out how far my climbing has come along since last year, and as I always say, it will tell me how far I have yet to go. If Pine Flat was any indication of how well I’ll do at Berkeley Hills, it should be a good race. On the other hand, due to my Achilles issues, my training this month hasn’t been as focused or intense as in the months prior (two doubles notwithstanding), which could mean that I’ve either lost some fitness or am now more rested, or a bit of both, in which case they might cancel each other out. Then again, in a race you don’t really race your fitness, you race the field.

My plan for this race will be simple, and the same as it is always for hilly races: Stay near the front and when the lead group starts hammering up the hill, try to tolerate as much pain as possible while staying with them. Hopefully by the time the pace-drivers calm down, most of the field will be shattered and then it’ll just be between those who are left (hopefully no more than 15). This is really not the race where I want to be going into the finish in a field sprint uphill.

And then there’s my Achilles tendon, which is actually not feeling too bad lately, but I can’t say it’s back to 100 percent. It did ache a bit on DMD, but didn’t bother me at all at M2 last night or on the ride this morning. It actually bothers me more when I walk than when I’m riding – maybe I should just do less walking? Hopefully the regular icings and taking it easy early this week will leave it healthy enough to race BHRR without incident. My “A” races are just around the corner, and getting really injured is not the best of things right now. In case any of you are wondering, not racing BHRR has not crossed my mind – I just don’t function that way.

That’s it. Keeping it short today!


  1. Glad the heel is feeling better. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Thanks! When are you coming out to race again?