May 11, 2011

In the clouds (it's cloudy up there)

That’s how I feel my training has been in the last month and a half. Just looking on paper, everything seems okay. The miles are there and the hours are there, but I feel like a major component is missing, or at least starting to slip – focus.

I partially blame my Achilles tendon injury because it resulted in some unscheduled time off and inability to train with the intensity I’ve been used to since January. It certainly doesn’t feel any better since I kind of pushed my limits last weekend with a ton of climbing and a pain-in-the-ass race on top of it. This week was scheduled to be rest week and is so far being faithfully observed, as I haven’t yet been on the bike. But tomorrow is an organized bike ride up Mt. Tam in honor of Bike to Work Day (which is kind of ironic, because I’ll actually be riding in the diametrically opposite direction from work), but I plan to cruise as easy as I possibly can without annoyingly holding everyone up at the top.

A rest week is a good week to think about training because it’s a perfect time for pushing the reset button and getting things back in order. I haven’t been able to do any serious hill repeats and I don’t even remember the last time I did short/sprint intervals outdoors. I guess the only regular part of my training has been showing up to M2 once a week, but that’s not the whole training, only one component of it.

Starting next week, the focus will be on reuniting volume and intensity while caring for an injury and prepping (tapering) for my A races that are just around the corner. I’m assuming all of those things will be possible together, but I guess I’ll find out. The next month or so should ideally look like this:

The next two weeks are going to consist of hard efforts with no less than 48 hours in between to let the legs properly recover and taper for Panoche and Mt. Hamilton (I imagine this one is absolutely not fun to enter with less than fresh legs). The following week will be absolute body destruction, culminating with the Sequoia double metric on Sunday, which I will be doing for time – aiming for a sub 7 hour finish. I’ll be shooting for a total of 300 miles that third week before going into another rest week that will perhaps end with a couple of crits.

The following four-week cycle will actually look nearly identical, as I’ll be tapering for Pescadero and Spring Hill, then hitting it hard the following week and entering a week of rest with Death Ride (so it will be more like 6 days of rest) in there. Because it looks like the stage race I was planning to do in July is not going to happen, I will probably be racing crits and circuit races the rest of July as a break from road racing and to hopefully pick up some more form for the final stretch of road racing in August and September (and maybe even some points).

Looks good on paper, now to put it into practice.

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